Here are the women anthropologists we're featuring!
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March 1
Matilda Coxe Stevenson
March 2
Annette Barbara Weiner
March 3
Ruth Fulton Benedict
March 4
Dian Fossey
March 5
Ruth Underhill
March 6
Franziska Boas
March 7
Zora Neale Hurston
March 8
Alice C. Fletcher
March 9
Dorothea Leighton
March 10
Rosebud Yellow Robe
March 11
Ellen Irene Diggs
March 12
Mary Nichol Leakey
March 13
Tatiana Proskouriakoff
March 14
Theodora Kroeber
March 15
Ella Cara Deloria
March 16
Margaret Mead
March 17
Frances Theresa Densmore
March 18
Galina Starovoitova
March 19
Elsie Clews Parsons
March 20
Camilla Hildegarde Wedgwood
March 21
Gladys Amanda Reichard
March 22
Vera D. Rubin
March 23
Frances Gillmor
March 24
Madeline Kneberg Lewis
March 25
Ruth Sawtell Wallis
March 26
Vera Mae Green
March 27
Lila Morris O'Neale
March 28
Eleanor Burke Leacock
March 29
Hortense Powdermaker
March 30
Carobeth Tucker Laird
March 31
Hannah M. Wormington 


Welcome to our Web Page

Anthropology owes so much to the pioneering contributions of women who were drawn to the study of humankind and became innovative scholars and inspiring teachers. Often it wasn't easy, and many never became as widely known as their male counterparts. Here we wish to honor the accomplishments of just a few, chosen to represent all four traditional sub-fields of the discipline -- archaeology, linguistics, physical, and cultural anthropology -- as well as to reflect diverse ethnicities. All are now deceased, but their work lives on in the students they taught and the scholarship they produced.

Our website is structured around the 31 days of March: Women's History Month. Each day of the month honors just one influential woman anthropologist. But remember, we cannot bring you each and every woman who made a difference - not even in a year of Marches!!

Our goal is to honor the memory and highlight the achievements of women who have made significant contributions to the discipline, whether their names are well-known or not. We hope to encourage women and girls to consider their own interests, abilities, and potential and to make a connection between themselves and the remarkable women honored throughout our site. 

When possible, we will include pictures and photos as well as informative text and links. It is not our intent to present here a comprehensive, scholarly assessment of each woman, but to present each one in an informal and visually appealing manner.

Although this website is the result of a project for Dr. Elizabeth Bird's Visual Anthropology course, it has come to mean far more than 'simply an assignment.'   We hope these pages will whet your appetite for more. If so, we have succeeded, and are indeed glad. Now come - and celebrate women anthropologists with us....


Today's Featured Woman Anthropologist:

Eleanor Burke Leacock

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This website would not be possible without the support and knowledge graciously shared by the faculty members of the Anthropology Department at USF, and the technical assistance of Tim Barnett, Kelley Curtis, Michelle Cano and Dr. Rob Tykot.  We are especially grateful to Dr. Andrew H. Whiteford for graciously sharing his personal experiences of these "formidable women" with us.