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Why Choose an Anthropology Major?
Anthropology is unique, even among the social sciences: It explores what it means to be human in all its dimensions - cultural, linguistic, biological, and archaeological. When we study anthropology, we learn how we fit in the global tapestry of cultures, ethnicities, and histories - by learning about others, we come to understand ourselves more fully.

The USF Anthropology B.A. offers a taste of all the major subfields, while stressing the applied importance of anthropology - its relevance to real world, current problems.

Where will my degree take me?
A B.A. in anthropology can be the gateway to a range of opportunities and careers. Many of our graduates go on to medical school, law school, or other professional programs, or study for a Masters or Doctoral degree. And the demand for trained anthropologists is strong and growing: Anthropologists with higher degrees find fulfilling careers in national and international development, heritage and museum fields, health care, education, marketing, human rights advocacy, and NGO and relief agencies. And did you know that many corporations love anthropologists?
But the B.A. is also an excellent entry-level qualification for many careers. In an increasingly globalized and multi-cultural world, anthropology graduates offer skills in communication, cultural awareness, and research methods. Whatever your job title, you can bring anthropological insights into any field:,_Anthropology/Salary

A choice of two useful Minors
Anthropology also offers two Minors - one that touches on all aspects of the discipline, and one in Biocultural Medical Anthropology, which is a perfect companion to degrees in Pre-Med, Public Health, or Nursing.

For information and advice about the Anthropology major or minor, contact the Undergraduate Advisor Elicia Kimble at: