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Departmental Awards

The Department makes several annual awards, recognizing special achievements at all levels: undergraduate, graduate, faculty and alumni/friends. Nomination procedures are announced each year.

Undergraduate Achievement

The Patricia P. Waterman Award

The Waterman Award is presented to an Anthropology major for Outstanding Academic Achievement, as measured principally by GPA. It is named in honor of the late Associate Professor Pat Waterman, whose teaching ability was an inspiration to her students and colleagues.

Past Awardees:
2016: Savannah Young 
2015: Chloe Sweetman

The Susan D. Greenbaum Diversity Leadership Award

The Greenbaum Award recognizes an Anthropology major who demonstrates leadership skills that foster the value of diversity and inclusion, and advance justice and equality in our community and society. It honors the work of Professor Emerita Susan D. Greenbaum, who worked to promote diversity and equality in her research, teaching, and service.

Past Awardees:
2017: Sam Cathcart
2016: Alisha Galdames

William H. and Anna K. Eigenbrod Anthropology Scholarship

This scholarship is for undergraduate Anthropology majors on the Tampa campus to pursue research in Asia. It is ideal for students who have plans to pursue further educational training based on research in Asia.

Graduate Achievement

The Michael V. Angrosino Research Achievement Award

This award, named in honor of Professor Emeritus Michael Angrosino, is presented to a doctoral student in Applied Anthropology in recognition of a superior research achievement.

Past Awardees:

2015 - Ryan Harke

2009 - Cecilia Vindrola Padros

2013 - Meredith Tise

2009 - Kelly Sams

2012 - Daniel Hughes

2008 - Michelle Raxter

2011 - Jason Miller

2007 - Dinorah Martinez

2010 - Nolan Kline

2006 - Noah Porter

The Whiteford Research Achievement Award in Medical Anthropology

This award is presented to a graduate student (M.A., Ph.D., or Dual Degree) in Applied Anthropology in recognition of a superior research achievement in the area of health and medical anthropology.

Past Awardees:

2013 - Nolan Kline

2009 - Ryan Davis

2012 - Nolan Kline

2008 - Shana Hughes

2011 - Cecilia Vindrola Padros

2007 - Dinorah Martinez

2010 - Aimee Eden


2009 - Ernesto Ruiz


The Kathryn M. Borman Research Achievement Award in Interdisciplinary Anthropology

This award, made in honor of Professor Emerita Kathy Borman, is presented to a graduate student (M.A., Ph.D., or Dual Degree) in Applied Anthropology in recognition of a superior research achievement that exemplifies interdisciplinary research and collaboration.

Past Awardees:

2015 - Anthony Tricarico
2013 - Sylvia Lim
2013 - Susan Tyler
2013 - Margeaux Chavez
2013 - David Godfrey

Anthropology Faculty Mentor Award

The USF Applied Anthropology Graduate Student Organization (GSO) gives a Faculty Mentor Award annually to one anthropology faculty member in recognition of outstanding commitment to graduate anthropological education. Recipients are characterized by their passion for student success and their commitment to train and inspire the anthropologists of tomorrow.

Past Awardees:

2015 - Thomas Pluckhahn

2010 - Karla Davis-Salazar

2014 - Kevin Yelvington 

2009 - Heide Castaneda

2013 - Daniel Lende

2008 - Nancy Romero-Daza

2012 - Antoinette Jackson

2007 - Elizabeth Bird 

2011 - E. Christian Wells


Distinguished Alumni Award

The Committee on Anthropological Connections with Alumni and Friends is charged with recommending potential Alumni Honorees, who may be B.A., M.A. or Ph.D. graduates of the department. Awardees have distinguished (1) in a career in anthropology or a related discipline, (2) in the practice of anthropology, or (3) in service to anthropology, to the public, or USF. 

Past Awardees:

2015 - Maria Claudia Duque

2000 - George Ballo

2014 - Joelle Nisolle

2000 - Linda Scott

2013 - Jonathan Gayles

1999 - Evelyn Phillips

2012 - Cecilia Jevitt

1998 - Alayne Unterberger

2011 - Guy Hagen 

1997 - Honggang Yang

2010 - Laura Kammerer

1996 - Cheryl Rodriguez

2009 - Phyllis E. Kolianos

1995 - Jeff Schlotter

2008 - Mary Margaret Overbey

1994 - Marcela Gutierrez

2007 - Michael Pardee

1993 - Dana St.Claire

2007 - Michelle Ogilvie

1993 - Will Michaels

2006 - Lee Hutchinson

1991 - Marion Almy

2004 - Mindie Lazarus-Black

1990 - Dora Harrison

2003 - Judi Vitucci

1989 - Michael English

2002 - Elizabeth Akinyi Onjoro

1988 - Joan Deming

2001 - Ginger Yvette Baber


Friend of Anthropology Award

The Friend of Anthropology Award is given upon occasion to a person, whether an anthropologist or not, who has own his or her friendship to the USF Anthropology Department through words and/deeds.

Past Awardees:

2014 - Debbie Roberson 

2006 - Craig Woolley

2013 - Amanda Maurer 

2005 - Robert Hunter

2011 - Daniel Berry

2004 - Maggie Council DiPietra

2010 - Jamil E. Jreisat

2003 - Merilyn Burke

2008 - C. Jack Waters

2002 - Jack Wheat

2007 - Joshua Broer

1999 - George and Johanne Fathauer

2007 - Mara Barrios