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Theses and Dissertations

Name:Judit M. Illyes
An Anthropological Perspective on the Children's Board of Hillsborough County.

This thesis details the findings of a study of a funding agency for children's services. The study took place between December, 1989 and April, 1990 at the children's Board of Hillsborough County (Children's Board), an independent governmental agency. The purpose of the study was to determine, by observing the Children's Board, how children's needs are met through institutionalized means in the industrial society of the United States through the creation and funding of children's programs. The six detailed goals of the study were the following: to become familiar with the organizational culture of the Children's Board and determine how it reflects the value system and world view of the culture of the United States; to determine what types of services are currently lacking or insufficient to meet the needs of children in Hillsborough County, and develop strategies to address identified needs; to learn what types of service agencies are in operation in Hillsborough County; to develop marketing strategies in order to inform the community that funding for children's programs is available; to develop a set of criteria for evaluation of program proposals requesting funding; to learn how proposals are evaluated and what types of programs receive funding. Methods of data collection included participant observation, literature review, site visits of service agencies, face to face interviews, telephone interviews and mail contact. Results of the study are: extensive knowledge of the children's Board as an organization and a culture; familiarity with services available and services needed, knowledge of how programs are evaluated and funded, and what types of programs will receive funding. Based on the results of this study the intern made recommendations to future applicant agencies, on how to qualify for funding.