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Concentration : Biocultural Medical Anthropology

Concentration in Bio‐cultural Medical Anthropology - 12 hours

Four graduate medical anthropology courses with the ANG prefix:

1. ANG 6469 Theory and Methods in Medical Anthropology: three credit hours

2. ANG 6511 Theory and Methods of Applied Biological Anthropology: three credit hours

3. ANG 6511 Seminar in Physical Anthropology (e.g. Human Variation, Anthropology of Growth and
Development, or Forensic Anthropology) three credit hours

4. ANG 6566, 6569, 6469, or 5937 E.g. Nutritional Anthropology, Socio‐Cultural Aspects of HIV/AIDS, Issues in Migrant Health, Anthropology and Development, Reproductive Health, Health & Medical System (students select
one) three credit hours

Please Note: the Foundations of Medical Anthropology on‐line course offered through the School of Sustainability
is a service course intended for non‐anthropology students and cannot count towards the Applied Anthropology