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Scholarships and Research Support


Graduate Research and Teaching Assistantships

The Department offers graduate assistantships for MA and PhD students on a competitive basis. Any new or continuing student is eligible for consideration; however, you should generally plan to seek other sources of funding for a significant portion of your time in graduate school.

Standard packages include a tuition waiver, amounting to approximately 80% of total costs (students are responsible for University fees beyond the actual tuition hours), as well as health insurance.
All new students are considered for assistantships if they have completed that Application for Graduate Assistantship as part of the application packet. Most assistantships are offered for two years pending good academic progress and satisfactory job performance. After this, continuing students should fill out the application form annually, and will be matched to openings as they arise.

Additional opportunities may arise, especially to meet departmental teaching needs. Some students may be offered paid positions on faculty research grants and contracts. Finally, Anthropology graduate students are often hired by other departments at USF, as either Graduate Assistants or hourly employees. These and other opportunities will be posted on the ANT listserv.

Departmental Scholarships

J. Raymond Williams Memorial Scholarship in Public Archaeology
This award, named in honor of the late Professor Ray Williams, consists of a two-year graduate assistantship at 10 hours per week and accompanying tuition waiver. The scholarship will be competitively awarded to a qualified student who is a member of a minority underrepresented in the archaeological profession. The successful applicant may also be eligible for further support through other programs. Prospective students wishing to be considered for the Williams scholarship should indicate that in their application statement. Satisfactory progress toward the degree is required at the end of the first year for 2nd year support.

Past Awardees: Nelson Rodriguez (2004); Zaida Darley (2006); Alejandro Figueroa (2008); Alicia Alfaro (2009); Alexander Delgado (2014).

Alvin W. Wolfe Scholarship in Applied Anthropology
This award, named in honors of Distinguished Professor Emeritus Alvin W. Wolfe, consists of a two-year graduate assistantship at 10 hours per week and accompanying tuition waiver, offered to an incoming M.A. student judged to have special potential for success in applied anthropology. Satisfactory progress toward the degree is required at the end of the first year for 2nd year support.

Past Awardees:Lance Arney (2004); Hannah Helmy (2005); Marissa Dixon (2006); Aki Nakanishi (2007); Nolan Kline (2008); Tim Kelly (2009); Nolan Kline (2010); Vanessa Martinez (2010); Kelly Lyons and Maura Denny (2011); Laurel Dillon-Sumner (2012). Alexis Winter (2013), Laura Leisinger (2014)

The John S. Freeman Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to deserving anthropology students in memory of John S. Freeman, who received his MA in Public Archaeology from our department posthumously in 2014. Full and part-time graduate students in Anthropology are eligible. Preference will be given to those students who have a demonstrated interest in eastern US or Mesoamerican prehistory, and with foci in culture resource management, household archaeology, environmental anthropology or GIS. This award provides $500, given via OASIS towards the student's financial account.

Past Awardees: Shawn West (2015); Katherine Shakour (2016).

Dissertation Completion Fellowship

Depending on availability of funds, the Department awards up to two Dissertation Completion Fellowships each year to Ph.D. students on track to complete their dissertations in the given semester. Contact the Graduate Director for more information.

Fathauer Graduate Fieldwork Travel Grant

As the result of a bequest from the late Dr. and Mrs. George Fathauer, the USF Anthropology Department is able to offer limited fieldwork support for MA thesis research. An announcement is made each year.

Past Awardees: Carla Castillo (2014); Cassandra Decker (2013); Rachel Grabner (2013); Paige Phillips (2013); Isabella Chan (2012); Sylvia Lim (2012); Doug Reeser (2011); Sarah Smith (2011); Carylanna Bahamondes (2009); Elizabeth Danforth (2009); Cassandra Workman (2009).

Department Travel Awards

Each year, the Department provides limited funds to graduate students who will make a professional presentation at a national or international conference. An announcement is made on the Anthropology list serve each fall semester soliciting applications.

The Academic Common Market
The Academic Common Market is a program that allows students from participating states to pay in-state tuition at universities in other states included in the program, provided the specific degree is not offered in their home states. Because Applied Anthropology is a relatively rare degree, many students from these states have been successful in applying for the program. Participating states are: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

In Florida, the difference between in-state and out-state tuition is substantial; the Common Market Program can help make the degree very affordable. Even with an assistantship, the program will effectively reduce the 20% cost portion for which students are responsible.


USF students can find part-time employment in the form of Federal Work-Study, USF OPS or internships by contacting the Career Center at (813) 974-2171. This is located in SVC 2088.


The FastWeb site offers a detailed scholarship search. The USF Office of Graduate Studies also coordinates several programs that offer scholarship support; please see, under Funding Opportunities.

Student Loans

Students are encouraged to fill out their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as soon as possible. FAFSA forms are available through USF’s Financial Aid Office or online at The form is essential for receiving need-based financial aid through USF, such as Stafford loans and work-study. Information on loans is available through the USF Financial Aid Office, SVC 1102, (813) 974-4700.