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Waterman Exhibit Gallery

In 2013, the Department’s Exhibit Gallery was renamed in honor of the late Richard Alan Waterman, a distinguished ethnomusicologist and anthropologist who spent his last years teaching at USF, and his wife Patricia Waterman, a noted folklorist and anthropologist, who taught in the department for many years, and passed away in 2016.


Exhibit Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday; 8:00am-4:30pm

Are we living in the Age of Humans?
Some scientists believe we are and they want to officially name it the Anthropocene. The concept of the Anthropocene stretches far beyond ideas of climate change. Scholars in fields ranging from geology to biology and history to anthropology are using this new term.
If we are in the Anthropocene, when did it start? Why did it start? Who is responsible? Where and how can we observe human impact on the Earth? If we are in the Anthropocene, what does that mean for our future?
Explore our exhibition and judge for yourself. Are we in the Age of Humans? Or not?


The USF Department of Anthropology is committed to understanding global diversity through community-based, applied research that is holistic and interdisciplinary. As applied anthropologists, we study, design, and evaluate policies, programs, and outcomes that have real consequences. Look for this handprint throughout the exhibition to learn about Anthropocene-related research conducted around the world by our faculty.


The Anthropocene: Is This the Age of Humans? Exhibition Opening - USF Anthropology

Credits and Acknowledgments:
Instructor and Head Curator: Vivian Gornik

Student Curators:
Michelle Assaad, Amanda Centeno, Meghan Clancy, Gary Curtin, Alisha Galdames, Regina Holder, Kaitlyn Kingsland, Bryan Kotovsky, Megan Little, Colette McDonald, Rebekah Munson, Lauren Payton, Alexander Snider, Brittany Stone and Patricia White
Featured Faculty:
Dr. Heide Castaneda, Dr. David Himmelgreen, Dr. Dillon Mahoney, Dr. Thomas Pluckhahn, Dr. Robert Tykot, Dr. Diane Wallman, Dr. Christian Wells, Dr. Nancy White, Dr. Linda Whiteford, Dr. Kevin Yelvington and Dr. Rebecca Zarger

Anthropocene Logo Design: Margaret Lavinghousez
Handprint Logo Design: Sandra Noland